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Volume 18 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) is now available.

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) analyzes the threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware using data from Internet services and over 600 million computers worldwide. Threat awareness can help you protect your organization, software, and people.

This volume of the SIR focuses on the second half of 2014 and contains longer term trend data as well. SIR volume 18 contains data, insights and practical guidance on a range of global and regional cybersecurity threats including vulnerability disclosures, malware and unwanted software including the latest on Ransomware, malicious websites such as drive-by download sites, and exploit activity including exploits used in targeted attacks. Deep dives into the threat landscape in over 100 countries/regions are also available.

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Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals is a highlight edition showcasing the new areas where IT Pros will learn all the new futures of Windows 8.1.

130 Pages of FREE stuff , which i recommend you to download. The Book is written by Ed Bott, has more then 130 pages and is less then 10 MB in size. The book is covering Windows 8.1 in 11 chapters as below:

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This is a repost from John Osborne here, who creates content for the Windows Dev Center.

Windows 8.1 Preview is here! And it’s got lots of new tools and features for developers that I’d like to share with you. I’ll only touch on some of the highlights – for the full picture, you can visit our Feature Guide at the Windows Dev Center. There you’ll find a complete list of the new APIs, with links to new guidelines and technologies.

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The mountain of access audit requirements continues to grow. So, too, do the questions surrounding access to corporate data, such as:

  • Who has access to what?
  • Who is accessing the data?
  • What controls are in place around management of permissions?

These questions—and others—have become as common a part of IT discussions as server capacity or software deployment.

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What is Microsoft® Windows® Azure™ Platform ? (For beginners)

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When confidential or important information is transmitted over non-secure networks such as the Internet it is often sensible to encrypt the data with an encryption package. Then in the event of the data being intercepted or received by the wrong person it will be very difficult for them to determine what is contained within the message thus protecting the data.

Encrypting data with an encryption package also allows the receiver of the data to authenticate the identity of the sender and confirm that they are who they say they are.

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