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Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals is a highlight edition showcasing the new areas where IT Pros will learn all the new futures of Windows 8.1.

130 Pages of FREE stuff , which i recommend you to download. The Book is written by Ed Bott, has more then 130 pages and is less then 10 MB in size. The book is covering Windows 8.1 in 11 chapters as below:


  • Chapter 1: An overview of Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 2: The Windows 8.1 user experience
  • Chapter 3: Deploying Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 4: Security in Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 5: Internet Explorer 11
  • Chapter 6: Delivering Windows Store apps
  • Chapter 7: Recovery options in Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 8: Windows 8.1 and networks
  • Chapter 9: Virtualization in Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 10: Windows RT 8.1
  • Chapter 11: Managing mobile devices

Download a  copy of the eBook (PDF) from here:  Free E Book Download

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