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Erdal Ozkaya A Conscientious Achiever

Great achievements are not attained by impulse. Achievement is the culmination of many feats, experience, education and acquired knowledge that are all brought together. Erdal Ozkaya, a NSW ATBC member, is a testament to this statement. He has conscientiously studied and passionately worked at his career to enable him to attain some very prestigious awards from Microsoft.

Erdal was born and educated in Germany, however moved to Turkey to complete his University studies to attain his, Bachelor of German Literature.   His love of literature and language is apparent by the fact that he can speak four languages: English, Turkish, German and Arabic.

After completing his tertiary education in Turkey, Erdal met his future wife Arzu. Eager to make his mark in the world, Erdal had to confront the idea that his future wife had no desire to move to Germany, so Erdal made the move to Australia. During their courtship Erdal spent many hours on the computer conversing with his future wife, which sparked off his interest in Computers.

Upon arriving in Australia, Erdal immediately enrolled himself into Tertiary courses where he attained his Diploma of Networking Engineering and then his Bachelor of IT support. Erdal completed these courses whilst working in the field of Information Technology.

Erdal has only been in Australia for nine years. He is a co-founder and Senior Microsoft Instructor at CEO IT Training & Solutions Pty Ltd; one of Australia’s Gold certified Microsoft Learning Partners. Erdal travels across Australia teaching IT workshops and has served as Project Manager/Engineer for several large organizations in Australia, China, Philippines and the USA.

Erdal also actively participates in worldwide events as a technical lead and speaker. He was selected “Best Technical Learning Guide” and “Best Speaker” in Microsoft Technical Education Seminars (Tech Ed) Australia.  He specializes in Windows 2003, Active Directory, Windows Client O/S’s, Security/Exchange, Windows 2008/R2, Sharepoint, Windows 7, EC-Council, ISO 27001.

The passion and commitment that Erdal has shown to his work has been recognized by Microsoft. In 2009 and 2010 Erdal Ozkaya was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award.

Recently, in April 2010, Microsoft went one step further and announced Erdal Ozkaya as the FIRST Microsoft Certified Leaning Consultant in Australia. There are only 16 recipients of this award in the world, with only one recipient in Australia, and that is Erdal Ozkaya.

The ‘Microsoft Learning Consultant certification’ recognizes trainers who have frequent consultations with their customers. Their role is more that of a technology trainer, they are also required to diagnose current and desired business performance and design learning solutions to bridge the gap.

To attain this degree of certification from Microsoft is not an easy feat. The technical instructor must have exceptional technical knowledge and have great communicating skills. They must also be passionate about sharing their deep, real-world knowledge about Microsoft technologies with others.

The ATBC would like to congratulate Erdal for attaining certification as a Microsoft Learning Consultant.

If you would like to benefit from Erdal Ozkaya’s inexhaustible IT knowledge, you may contact him at CEO IT Training & Solutions. Telephone: 1 300 424 426 or by email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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