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As a Network Administrator, do you wonder how Windows 10 can help you protect against everyday security threats? Join popular experts Erdal Ozkaya and Raymond Comvalius for an in-depth look at the most secure Windows ever, and see how to put the new features to work for you right away, as you build up your Windows 10 security skills. Start with a look at how the security landscape is different today, and then take a look at how to protect your systems at the device level. See a demo of secure logon with Windows Hello and Credential Guard. Learn to protect your data with Windows Information Protection and Conditional Access. Plus, find out how Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection can help you to detect, investigate, and respond to Advanced Persistent Threats.

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Microsoft'un yeni teknolojileriyle siber tehditlere karsi savasin.

 Günümüzün dijital dünyasında siber saldırılar ne yazık ki tüm özel şirketlerin, kamu kurumlarının ve tüketicilerin karşı karşıya kaldığı bir gerçeklik. Araştırmalara göre, kimlik çalınmaları ve saldırının fark edilmesi arasında geçen ortalama 229 günde 160 milyon müşteri kaydı ele geçiriliyor; bu da pazarda 3 trilyon dolar değerinde bir zarara yol açıyor.

Bu tehditleri göz önünde bulundurduğumuzda Microsoft Türkiye olarak sizleri olası ataklara karşı bilgilendirmek üzere 21 Haziran saat 10:00'da gerçekleştireceğimiz Microsoft Siber Güvenlik Web Semineri'ne davet ediyoruz. Bu web semineri sayesinde Microsoft olarak siber güvenlik alanında yaptığımız çabalarımızı ve bunun teknolojilerimize nasıl yansıdığı hakkında daha fazla bilgi sahibi olacak ve siber güvenlik alanındaki uzmanlarımızla tanışma fırsatı bulacaksınız.
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Every organization must prepare for the possibility of cybercrime within its networks or on its computer systems. Are you able to investigate crimes, like fraud, insider threats, industrial espionage, employee misuse, and computer intrusion? These days, every IT Pro should learn to recover key intelligence from Windows systems.

Learn how to do just that, from leading expert Erdal Ozkaya, and find out what you need to become a digital forensic professional, incident responder, and media exploitation expert, capable of piecing together Windows system events, second by second. Erdal joins forces with Hasain “the Wolf” Alshakarti and Raymond Comvalius to show how cybercrime happens, what you can do to prevent it, and how to respond when it occurs.

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Do you know how cybercriminals work? Get helpful insight, in this cybersecurity course. As an IT Pro, you know that the computer threat landscape is continually changing and that increasingly sophisticated attacks are targeting your organization's infrastructure and confidential information. Walk with experts through social media platforms to discover how they really work. Get tips and practical advice on social networking security. Plus, explore methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your Windows Enterprise architectures and applications from pass-the-hash and other advanced attacks, and look at system patching. Finally, learn how to help improve your organization's security with Microsoft operating systems and tools.

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You may have many of the best security solutions...but the security landscape has changed. Learn more about the evolution of security breaches and how to start thinking about addressing these new challenges.

Here is the opportunity for you to learn Enterprise Security via Free Computer Based Training from Microsoft via Microsoft Virtual Academy and Channel 9. Simon and I had lots od fun during the recording and I am sure you will learn from this videos with joy

In this course you'll learn the following:

  • Social Media Security
  • Advanced Windows Defense
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Top Mitigation Methods to Protect Your Enterprise
  • Free Tools to Protect Your Windows Environment
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Did you ever see a life hack on the stage as demo ? No set up, a volunteered attendee was invited to the stage out of 4000 people and the result was scary. This Video is all about what you need to be more secure in front of you Computers, online or offline.

It’s build to shake and wake you up. It’s time to decide what is important for you and how your behaviour in front of your computer can affect your Enterprise, regardless of your user rights.

If you are interested in security and want to protect your data in the real world, then you should watch this Microsoft Ignite session, to see how Windows addresses security as a whole system, one layer at a time. Explore methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your Windows Enterprise architectures and applications from pass-the-hash and other advanced attacks.

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This is a session which everyone should watch ! If you are a member of any Social Network web site then this session is for you. When I say Social Media, it does not just include Facebook, but also LinkedIn or any Social media web site that you can think of.

Did you say you are not a member of any Social Media web site ? No problem , but what about your loved ones ? Are they, do they share your photos or your common information, then guess what you are part of the network, so there is still something for you in this session

This session is built to show you the basics and let you understand how bad guys work on collecting information. If you listen to US then you can be more secure…

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