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Would you like to work for Microsoft in Jordan or Egypt..

If your CV fits the below skills reach me out via the below methods. Please don't send any CV which does not fit the criteria. Thank you

•TCP/IP protocol understanding •Routing and remote access (VPN and Direct Access)

•Hyper-V networking

•Azure networking

•802.1x and RADIUS

•DHCP/DNS/WINS and others


•Understanding of TCP/IP and other networking services: DNS, WINS, DHCP, Routing.

•Active Directory concepts such as Kerberos, LDAP, Sites and Security Groups

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Finally Windows 10 has a “release “ date. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 was going to available this summer ( 2015) and this summer has been set as July 29 2015.( Based on US )

Just to make a point clear , Windows 10 is a free upgrade. The upgrade covers the full version of Windows 10, not simply a trial or limited version. It also ensures that you can run Windows 10 on your specific device for free "for the supported lifetime of your device

Windows 10 comes packed with new features, such as a redesigned Start menu, the Cortana voice assistant which was part of Windows Phone family and also a brand new browser called Microsoft Edge. Beside those highlights Microsoft is also promising more unified experience among PCs, tablets and smartphones to have one platform across all devices

To reserve your Free Windows 10 upgrade, you need to follow those steps to skip the queues...

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Need a manageable, reliable, and enterprise-grade mobile platform to drive results for your company? Windows 8.1 Enterprise is the fastest and most secure operating system—powering the best business tablets and versatile, next-generation business PCs. Windows 8.1 introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience, and networking capabilities; brings modern computing to your business; and helps professionals stay connected to information, apps, and people from anywhere, anytime. Download the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation and start planning for deployment today.  

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And the date has arrived. Finally Windows 8.1 is available to everyone. If you have a Windows 8 PC / Tablet than you are eligible to a FREE upgrade.

If you are looking to update your computer, and don't know how you can update it, just follow the below steps

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How can you “activate “ your VLK or “MSDN –TechNet” version of Windows 8 Copy ? There are two different way to do so, choose the one that you like, follow the steps and enjoy your “Genuine Windows 8 Copy”

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Microsoft hopes to double the number of free tests during the Release Candidate phase because it doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes it made with Windows Vista… Erdal Ozkaya’s stress test…

By J. Nicholas Hoover InformationWeek May 5, 2009

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An Article by Tim Rains, Microsoft : Back in April I published a post about the end of support for Windows XP called The Countdown Begins: Support for Windows XP Ends on April 8, 2014. Since then, many of the customers I have talked to have moved, or are in the process of moving, their organizations from Windows XP to modern operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8.
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