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How many server disaster stories (or close calls) do you think the average system administrator has under their belt? Watch the recorded session from Microsoft TechEd 2012 which was held in the Gold Coast.A panel of experts reminisced about some of their best server war stories — the ones where everything suddenly went pear shaped, until someone found out what went wrong and fixed it.

These experts talked about what caused the problem, what they did to make things right, and how they prevented it from happening again.They also opened up about what they hate most about servers, new features they've loved or loathed, and the things they wish they could change.

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feedback which I found about my Session at Microsoft Managment Summit 2011 (MMS2011) me in the Internet:

Last day in Las Vegas! The party last night was not too shabby, even being thrown and attended by some hardcore geeks. The party had a western theme, some good food (ribs, corn on the cob, and the usual western fair), pretty square dancers, and even a decent band (The Scotty Stamp Band). One of the singers did a great Johnny Cash.

One more breakout session, then a lab, then off to McCarran airport. I won't go into the lab detail here, except to say that it was on how to migrate Config Manager from 2007 to 2012. Looks like a pretty straightforward process, and no competent system administrator should have any problem in performing the upgrade.

First up, Hack Proof your Windows 2008 R2 server, presented by Erdal Ozkaya.

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