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Monthly Archives - December 2012

How can you “activate “ your VLK or “MSDN –TechNet” version of Windows Copy ? There are two different way to do so, choose the one that you like, follow the steps and enjoy your “Genuine Windows Copy” WAY 1 To activate Windows with one step easily , just click your "Windows Key" in your keyboard and type [...]

Brisbane thank you

Thank you very much for filling up the room Brisbane... We are glad that you loved Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Unfortunately i don't have too many photos from the event, only 2:(

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Using tech for your business

Published at Entrepreneur Magazine https://www.entrepreneur.com.ph/business-ideas/using-tech-for-your-business Upgrading the technology that runs your business could mean the difference between keeping the status quo and boosting sales. In line with their commitment to empower businesses through technology, Microsoft, together with its Certified Partner for Learning Solutions namely Fast Lane (which bought CEO IT), brought Erdal Ozkaya, one of their top global IT [...]