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Monthly Archives - September 2013

Troy Hunt: talks I’ve seen, that have inspired me

Troy Hunt, an Australian IT Professional, who has a bright future in front of him. If you still don't know him, I highly recommend to follow him at Twitter and keep an eye on his Personal blog. He is sharing not just great information but also good recommendations for everyone who is in the IT Security industry, Here is [...]

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E-Mail Crimes and Violations (how the leakage could occur)

This post is written to give you a brief intro about E-Mail Crimes and Violations and how the leakage could occur. i did add also some references, for you to read more if you wish. To be able to stop/ detect e-mail leakage we first need to understand how e-mails works: An e-mail client message is composed of two parts: 1)  A header that contains [...]

Erdal Ozkaya’s Standing room only talk at Teched Australia. :)

We were delighted yesterday to see Erdal Ozkaya’s talk being standing room only at TechEd Australia. Erdal is our Australia New Zealand Director and a super smart guy. Dark side of Social Networking Erdal’s talk was about the “Dark side of Social Networking”. Read the blurb below Social networking has changed the way we interact on a global scale. On the surface [...]