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Monthly Archives - December 2016

Have you been Hacked ?

Dear Blog readers, In the last few months I started to receive more and more questions such as: “We are Hacked , please help” . As I have experienced this as a professional many many times and helped many customers during my career I decided to write this short blog post to help you start from somewhere. Even [...]

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Keynote at Brand Protection Congress

Brand protection congress what a great event!. it was a pleasure to deliver the keynote on “Importance of Cybersecurity for protecting your brand”. I was pleased to read your feedback about my Keynote, which addressed the issues that everyone face, "Cyber Crime" and what you can do to protect your brand Thank you Munich for welcoming me back where [...]

Ali Goreceli -Manager – IT Services at Major Road Projects Victoria

Erdal was my teacher and mentor at the beginning of my IT career. Erdal is one of the best among all people I have ever met in my personal and professional life. Virtuoso of anything Microsoft related, able to speak number of languages fluently, well-traveled, and an excellent public speaker. I would gladly attend his courses again and [...]

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MVP Reconnect Medal

I was always proud to be part of the Microsoft MVP community but as soon as you sign a Full Time Employee Contract with Microsoft, you will need to return your award back, and this is what I did beginning of this year. As of January 2016 I was not a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional anymore [...]

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