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Monthly Archives - January 2017

CyberSec First Responder

I am proud to announce that I am working with Logical Operations together, along other Cybersecurity Industry Experts on developing their new Course and Exam . About CyberSec First Responder YOU are the first line of defense your organization has against a cyber security attack. Don't leave it to chance. Become CFR certified. By taking an approach where an understanding of [...]

Windows Security & Forensics

Every organization must prepare for the possibility of cybercrime within its networks or on its computer systems. Are you able to investigate crimes, like fraud, insider threats, industrial espionage, employee misuse, and computer intrusion? These days, every IT Pro should learn to recover key intelligence from Windows systems. Learn how to do just that, from leading [...]

Windows Authentication Attacks and Forensics

Windows Authentication Attacks and Forensics See demonstrations of how attackers use credential dependencies to gain elevated access to systems and to perform lateral movement. Plus, learn how to detect and prevent many of these attacks.

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Windows Forensics

Windows Forensics Explore Digital Forensics, and find out what to do as a first responder to preserve evidence for legal actions.

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