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Free ebook: Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets

Introduction This ebook is for anyone whose responsibilities include training people to use Windows 10. That group includes full-time professional trainers, of course, but it also includes IT pros and those brave souls who staff the help desk in corporations. Most of all, it includes the incredibly large population of people who have earned a reputation for being “the person who [...]

Cybersecurity Symposium Africa 2017

Thank you very much University of Cape Town (South Africa) to make me part of this great event. Feedback: Erdal enlightened us in his own special way Rifaat Emeran Excellent lively security presentation Langton Nzuma Awesome session at CSSA17 Andre Wessles Very entertaining and engaging presentation Ms T Please scroll down to see the Twitter Screenshots

Award Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence Platinum Club

The last two days was pretty incredible for me, and I still feel overwhelmed and undeserving. To be awarded the Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence Platinum Club, Microsoft’s highest award for achievement was unbelievable in its own right. Thank you Microsoft for this inspiring leadership that makes us take risks; bet big; and go fast. Reaching Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence [...]

Logical Operations Certifications Industry Contributor

ssued By Logical Operations / Communispond Earners of the Logical Operations Certifications: Industry Contributor badge have served as Subject Matter Experts and/or Scheme Committee Members for the development of a Logical Operations certification program. They have provided valuable industry expertise regarding the knowledge, skills, and abilities that certificants will be tested on via the certification exam. The holder of this badge [...]

MS Ignite Spotlight Session

Halt Hackers : DO those tricks still work with Windows 10 , our session is under the spotlight. Don't forget to register to MS Ignite and if you have already registered, make sure to attend our session which is all about Security

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Cybersecurity boffins to compare notes

UCT, in partnership with Dimension Data, will host the inaugural Cyber Security Symposium Africa from 16 to 19 July on UCT’s middle campus. The symposium, which features some top names in the cybersecurity field, is intended as a platform for these experts to share knowledge and ideas, and identify possible collaborations. They will also give guidance on what institutions need to [...]

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