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Monthly Archives - November 2018

Cybersecurity Canon Candidate Book Review: Learn Social Engineering

  Executive Summary Learn Social Engineering: Learn the art of human hacking with an internationally renowned expert will equip you with a holistic understanding of social engineering. It will help you  avoid and combat social engineering attacks by giving you a detailed insight into how a social engineer operates. The book covers topics ranging from baiting, phishing, and spear phishing, to pretexting [...]

Recommended by Hacker News

The Hacker News has just recommended, our book "Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies" which we wrote with Yuri . Listen to them and get our book :) Amazon : Get it here Packt : Get it here Feedback from packt web site Amazing serAmazing service. Thanks for great dealing with me vice Fahad Albaz Great security resource!! Wilfredo Hernandez-Lora All you [...]

Algeria Cybersecurity

Algeria has witnessed significant progress in the development of its ICT sector in recent years. Following a strong investment in the recent rollout of key ICT infrastructure, the country has also updated its legal framework and introduced a series of new regulations to accompany sectoral growth. With this in mind we visited Algerian Government and Private Sector customers [...]

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In the news in Croatia

I used Bing Translate to understand it , in summary the news article features my upcoming session in Croatia Security - moderni načini autentikacije Sigurnost i autentikacija su problemi s kojima se čovječanstvo susreće još od prvih, neautomatiziranih sustava razmjene podataka Blaž Jurišićčetvrtak, 19. travnja 2018. u 13:20 U dalekoj prošlosti, važne osobe poput kraljeva imale su svoj pečat načinjen od voska. Svako [...]

Cyber for Executives in Istanbul

Top Executives from Middle East and North Africa met today in Istanbul where I prepared a session about what they need to know in Cybersecuirty. The feedback was really great. Thank you

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Get our award winning book for Free

Our award winning book which we wrote together with my very good frined Yuri, is know available for a limited time for free via our publisher and their partners "Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies ($20 Value) FREE For a Limited Time" All what you have to do is go to the below web site, login via LinkedIn or fill the [...]