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Free Webinar : Erdal’s update on the current cyber security threat profile

Join Microsoft #Cybersecurity Architect Dr Erdal Ozkaya tonight (7-8:30pm AEST) to hear about current threats and his fascinating doctorate research. I first met Erdal back in 2012 when he was Chief Technology Officer for an IT infrastructure design company called Fastlane. Erdal’s enthusiasm and vitality was infectious and I couldn't help but suggest he channel it into postgraduate study. Erdal [...]

Hiring a Cybersecurity Architect

I am searching for a Cybersecurity Architect with practical experience in MS Infrastructure Security, AD Security, Network Security. Strong understanding of the Cyber Kill Chain and the controls required to protect, detect and respond at each of the layers. Able to manage various IT stakeholders, advocate and mentor security best practices and drive implementations. This is a highly visible and [...]

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Free Webinar : A cybersecurity strategy for the financial sector

Understand the threats to financial cyberspace and learn how to implement the right strategy to secure your organization. This presentation will take you through some of the most well known case studies and real life threat scenarios and how to tackle them so as to protect your financial services and related infrastructure. (more…)

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