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How to do 3th part risk management

How can you “activate “ your VLK or “MSDN –TechNet” version of Windows Copy ? There are two different way to do so, choose the one that you like, follow the steps and enjoy your “Genuine Windows Copy”


To activate Windows with one step easily , just click your “Windows Key” in your keyboard and type ” slui 3″

Press your Windows Key, type “slui 3”

Enter your product key to the box, & click activate


  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator ,
  • Press your Windows Key, type “cmd” ,
  • right click the icon,
  • select to run as administrator


Please be aware to be able to activate your copy of Windows you need at least “Local Administrator Rights “ in your PC.

To double check your licencing information details start with :

CMD –> slmgr /dlv

If you want to uninstall your current product key :

slmgr /upk

To install a new Product Key:

slmgr /ipk “YOUR KEY”

To activate your Windows with your new product key via cmd :


PS: As you might know, The “slmgr” command line utility is part of Windows Script Host

Enjoy Windows

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