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How can you get hired as CISO?

How can you get hired as CISO?

To be hired in a Fortune company as CISO, you need to have a strong background in cybersecurity, risk management, business strategy, and leadership. You also need to demonstrate your ability to align security with business goals, protect the hybrid enterprise from cyber threats, and advise the executive team on cyber risk management.

things you can do to be the best CISO

Baş Bilgi Güvenliği Yöneticisi ne is yapar- CISO

Baş Bilgi Güvenliği Yöneticisi ne is yapar – (CISO) This post is in Turkish , you can read the full post at Siber riskler şirketler için önemli bir sorun haline geldiğinden, CISO’ların (Chief Information Security Officer – Baş Bilgi Güvenliği Yöneticisi) kurum içindeki rolü de değişti. Peki CISO’larda bulunması gereken özellikler neler, CISO’lar kendilerini […]

The Role of CISO

Five Ways to Get the CISO Role Right – 5 Great Tips

Five Ways To Get the CISO Role Right Recent attacks on NHS supplier software, the Russian strike on Ukrainian military through ViaSat, and the historically devastating NotPetya attack that nearly folded the global giant Maersk should serve as stark reminders of the damage wrought by cyberattacks. Credit: CPO Magazine by Richard Brinson, read the full article here […]

measure CISO success

Criteria to measure CISO success – 5 good tips

Criteria to measure CISO success Credit: Manage Engine Blog. click here to read it According to Marlin Hawk’s Global Snapshot: The CISO in 2021 report, 53% of CISOs have been in their roles for two years or less, and 64% were hired from another organization. It is crucial to consider that many security specialists working for […]

CISO Workshop​ empower yourself

CISO Workshop​ empower yourself -Soon 4 FREE

CISO Workshop​ empower yourself I am proud to announce that I will be working with the Microsoft Security team to deliver my own CISO Workshop based on the field experience I gained during my career. The half day workshop will be delivered to Microsoft’s top Customers CISO’s globally, CISO Workshop​ The CISO workshop can help […]


Hiring a CISO – Super Guide for startups

Hiring a CISO A CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, is a corporate executive who oversees information security for a company. This position can vary in size and scope, but generally, it falls within the company’s executive management ranks. A CISO’s job is to protect the company’s data by implementing policies, developing security processes, and […]

CISO Dr Ozkaya

How to become a CISO in 2022? Discover the path

How to become a CISO in 2022? The chief information security officer’s role is growing in profile and importance. Explore six actionable tips for aspiring CISOs as they work toward cybersecurity’s top job. Cybersecurity issues continue to pervade all areas of business, which means having a great security organization — and a capable CISO to […]

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