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TedX Turkey Talk

Hacklenmemek İçin Hacklemeyi Bilmek – TedX 2023 Talk – Free Video

Hacklenmemek İçin Hacklemeyi Bilmek Hacklenmemek için hacklemeyi bilmek ne kadar doğru ?  Hacklemeyi bilmek, sizi daha tehlikeli hale getirebilir mi? . Bir hacker, bir bilgisayar sistemine veya bir ağ sistemine sızmak için kullanabilecek bir dizi araç ve teknik bilir. Bu araçlar ve teknikler, kötü amaçlı yazılım dağıtmak, hassas verileri çalmak veya sistemleri bozmak için kullanılabilir. […]

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence – Free Training Video

Cyber Threat Intelligence : HOW THREAT INTELLIGENCE IS USED TO REDUCE AN ORGANIZATION’S RISK PROFILE. Topic Abstract: Threat Intelligence plays a crucial part in the digital world. It reduces the risk of critical security breaches and helps organizations align their security budgets with their requirements. Threat Intelligence focuses primarily on prevention, allowing security leaders to […]

Implementing Zero Trust

Implementing Zero Trust : A CISO’s Journey – Free Video Training 2

Implementing Zero Trust The biggest challenge for practitioners today is to enable greater flexibility for a remote workforce while being fully compliant and secure. The ‘Zero Trust’ model can play a critical role, but implementing it is a daunting task, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach to making the transition to a ‘Zero […]

How Cyber AI Protects Erdal Ozkaya

How Cyber AI Protects the Global Dynamic Workforce Free Video Training 9

 How Cyber AI Protects the Global Dynamic Workforce Here is the recording from EC Council’s CISO Mag  webinar wich was sponsored by Darktrace , Featuring  Mariana P., Director of Email Security Products EMEA, Darktrace, Yasser AlGhamdi, Cyber Defense Center Director, Saudi Telecom Company and myself. Enjoy 🙂

System Information Discovery Erdal Ozkaya

System Information Discovery – Free Video Tra1ning

System Information Discovery Join Dr. Carlo Tarantini, Dr Suleyman Ozarslan and myself via watching this on-demand webinar recording  which can help you to learn about How do adversaries leverage ‘System Information Discovery’ into their targets? What are the significant benefits that T1082 provides for adversaries? What are the use cases by threat actors and their […]

Future of AI in Cyber Security Dr erdal Ozkaya

Future of AI in Cyber Security Free Video 2020

Future of AI in Cyber Security amidst COVID 19 | Discussion Panel Watch here :   DR. ERDAL OZKAYA – Managing Director/ Head of Information and Cyber Security, Standard Chartered Bank ENG. MAJED MOHAMMAD – CISO, Allied Cooperative Insurance Group SAQIB CHAUDHARY – CISO, Cleveland Clinic MODERATOR LUKAS KRIKSTAPONIS – CISO, European Merchant Bank To […]

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