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Charles Sturt University Most Valuable Lecturers Erdal Ozkaya

Most Valuable Lecturers by Charles Sturt University (2011-12)

Most Valuable Lecturers by Charles Sturt University This is from the a newsletter which is send by CSU / IT Masters for more then 60.000 students, world wide announcing we will lecture in the University. Beside Security Classes , I will also run Windows Server and Microsoft Virtualization Short courses , I am looking forward to meet all of you in...

Server war stories Erdal

Server war stories: Free webcast ( September 13)

Server war stories: Published at ZDnet How many server disaster stories (or close calls) do you think the average system administrator has under their belt? We're guessing that the answer would be a lot. Everyone who works with servers has heard of a story or experienced a breakdown. In a long career, it's impossible not to. Often, it's no one's fault; it's just...

Worlds First CEH Erdal Ozkaya

Worlds First CEH v7 Class Delivery – Gain legendry skills

Worlds First Certified Ethical Hacker ... A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system(s). The CEH credential certifies individuals in...

Microsoft Cloud Web Site Erdal

Microsoft Cloud Web Site featuring me 2012

Microsoft Cloud Web Site Today I woke up with a very nice surprise , I am in the Microsoft web site , in their most promising product "Cloud technologies " web site , check it out yourself :) Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy your applications anywhere. Use your preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructure—even your...

AusCERT Erdal

Advanced Windows Defence by AusCERT 2012 – Experience form the filed

Advanced Windows Defence This year AusCERT will host my latest course about Windows Defiance, which is going to be hands on based on real life experience form the field. AusCERT is a leading Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Australia and the Asia/Pacific region Erdal (more…)

Microsoft Intune Erdal Ozkaya

5 reasons why IT Pros should consider Windows Intune –

5 reasons why IT Pros should consider Windows Intune (Microsoft Intune ) The Windows Intune cloud service helps you centrally manage and secure your PCs through a simple web-based console. No matter if your IT staff or end users are in the main office, at a branch office, or on the road, domain or non-domained joined, Windows Intune will provide the...

Pen Test Magazine – inspiring Interview with Erdal Ozkaya 2012

Pen Test Magazine - inspiring Interview with Erdal Ozkaya 2012 Erdal Ozkaya is the founder and Senior Microsoft Instructor of CEO IT Training, which has now merged with Fast Lane Asia Pacific; one of Australia's Silver certified Microsoft Learning Partners. Erdal travels across Australia teaching IT workshops and has served as Project Manager/Engineer for several large organisations in Australia, China, Philippines and...

Microsoft Certified Career Conference Erdal

Microsoft Certified Career Conference

Microsoft Certified Career Conference Attend live sessions: from anywhere, anytime!   As Microsoft Certified Community Connection member we would like to invite you for the next Microsoft Certified Career Conference taking place March 14 & 15, 2012. Join us for this two-day virtual event focusing not only on technical knowledge, but also essential career skills. Prepare for your future as an IT professional, or explore the next phase...

EC-Council Global Instructor of the Year Award Erdal Ozkaya

Global Instructor of the Year by EC-Council

Global Instructor of the Year by EC-Council I am proud to announce that I am selected "Global Instructor of the year by EC Council" for gaining excellent feedback from my Ethical Hacking classes, as well as for my contribution in the Cybersecurity community EC-Council, a leading international certification body in information security and          e-business, today announced the winners of the annual EC-Council...