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Algeria Cybersecurity

Erdal Ozkaya NATO

Algeria has witnessed significant progress in the development of its ICT sector in recent years. Following a strong investment in the recent rollout of key ICT infrastructure, the country has also updated its legal framework and introduced a series of new regulations to accompany sectoral growth.

With this in mind we visited Algerian Government and Private Sector customers to give them update on the current Security landscape , as well as how Microsoft can help them.

I am ex termly happy with the feedback I have received, below are some examples of the feedback, as I can not share customer names, I am bluing out the customer representative as well .thank you Algeria

Erdal and his recommendations are very important, we appreciate the support and we are thankful to Microsoft to bring people like him to visit us

Madam N. A CIO in a major bank

Erdal’s experience in fighting terrorism online , is tremendous, we are not learning from him but also implementing his recommendations as best practice


Erdal is amazing, his presentations are UBER good


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Algeria Cybersecurity

Algeria Cybersecurity

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