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Book review by Leyla Aliyeva

Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies

In the last days of my research on a special topic on cybersecurity, I have discovered a book which was recently published just in January 2018. The book title is “Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies” by Erdal Ozkaya and Yuri Diogenez

This book talks about cybersecurity threats, attacks, incident response procedure, gives detailed information about attack scenarios and each stage of attacks, and also covers security policy topics. Authors covered the topics with all the technical details and gave enough information about the above-mentioned topics. On the other hand, the technical language of the book is very understandable with full of examples and good structure. This book was very useful for my research and publishing my paper and will be very helpful to pass my international certificate exam on CyberSecurity Incident Response. I recommend this book to all incident responders, penetration testers, network and system security engineers and others who are interested in deep technical issue on cybersecurity, or willing to start their career in information security.

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