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Book Review: Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals

Windows Server 2019 the latest and greatest server operating system from Microsoft, which combines hybrid cloud and cloud-connected workloads into one box and brings a huge list of new and improved capabilities that have been addressed in this book.

While Windows Server 2019 is a solid release from Microsoft that is addressing some immediate pain points and provide a firm foundation for future data center developments, there is a lot to learn, but they’re no definitive guide which covers everything that you need to know about Windows Administration, except this book. The book is not just designed to give you the theoretical knowledge it is also covering how you can implement this theory in practice and it’s giving you tips on how to do so, step by step via the exercises.

This is not the first book from Bekim Dauti, he is blogging for years and has authored different books when it comes to Windows, his experience will help you to gain what you need to learn much faster,

I hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as I did during pre-release.

You can order the book from Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1838550917

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