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KSA CISO Leaders

FutureSec Summit Saudi Arabia by Khaleej Times – Free 0nline Event

FutureSec Summit Saudi Arabia by Khaleej Times -Free 0nline Event The growth of the digital world has opened business opportunities for numerous companies and individuals which encapsulated the digital economy to unscrupulous hackers and cyber-attacks. In the last 10 years cybercrime has incited businesses of varying sizes in nearly every industry. Network attacks, data security, and network breaches has grown exponentially. [...]

Top CISO Award Erdal Ozkaya

Top CISO Award – Witness my excitement < 3

Top CISO Award As you might saw it earlier, I was awarded by Tahawultech.com and Security ME Magazine as TOP CISO for the region Here is the video of the announcement of my award for the ones who wants to watch it :) https://youtu.be/m8ePJhj8Wq0 The YouTube Link https://youtu.be/m8ePJhj8Wq0 CISO related posts https://www.erdalozkaya.com/?s=CISO CISO50 and Future Security Awards 2020: winners revealed Celebrating Security Leadership and Excellence I am proud to [...]

Comodo Community Trusted Advisor Dr Erdal ozkaya

Comodo Community Trusted Advisor : 2020 Award

This is a very auspicious moment for me to announce one more milestone in my career: It’s a great honor for me to be the first "Comodo Community Trusted Advisor" which will be global community of #cybersecurity experts who passionately share their knowledge. The Comodo Community Trusted Advisor Program is designed to honor zealous cybersecurity professionals and passionate leaders that want to [...]

Financial Sector Transformation

Financial Sector Transformation – Free TRA1NING

Financial Sector Transformation Know what a UAE based Banking CISO, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, thinking about the banking transformation from digital standpoint. How compliances are adapting to the new normal and how security landscape is changing and best approach to stay immune from the impact. He is talking about banking bots, cloud computing services, agility, WHF , cybersecurity and a lot [...]

How CISOs can reduce risk? Empower your knowledge for free 2021

How CISOs can reduce risk? Interview with Intelligence CIO Magazine : Cyberthreats are increasing in volume and complexity across the Middle East. To be ahead of the game, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need to continuously review their cybersecurity processes and practices to ensure that adequate and effective systems are in place. Dr Erdal Ozkaya, Regional Chief Information Security Officer, [...]

Intelligent CIO Middle East Cover – September 2020

Intelligent CIO Middle East Cover I am really feeling privileged and excited to share with you that I made it second time to a magazine cover.  The Intelligent CIO Magazine,  September 2020 issue is featuring me and our interview about the latest cyber threats and my recommendations about cybersecurity . Thank you Lynch Pin Media Erdal To view the cover : https://viewer.joomag.com/intelligent-cio-middle-east-issue-57/0044450001597146423?short& To download the September [...]

CIO Tech Asia Erdal Ozkaya

CIO Tech Asia : Living The Life In Tech Free P0DCAST

CIO Tech Asia : Living The Life In Tech Free CIO Tech Asia has invited me to join them for a podcast where we discussed  some of the major cybersecurity threats currently facing businesses in 2020 and beyond, while providing deeper insights around the steps CISOs need to take to better prepare themselves for when an attack occurs. l also delve [...]

Global Future Security Leader Awards Winner Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Global Future Security Leader Awards Winner 2020

T oday is a very special day , its not just our 19th Wedding Anniversary with my wife but also a day which I have added a pioneer award in to my career. I am proud to announce that I have been awarded by GEC Media and GCF as, Global Future Security Leader and TOP CISO . I am thankful to [...]

T7 must have cybersecurity books Ozkaya

7 must have cybersecurity books -June 2020

7 must have cybersecurity books -June 2020 Thank you Info Sec Institute for listing our book in the "Top 7 must-have cybersecurity books" you can read more here Introduction Are you in cybersecurity and are looking to expand your knowledge horizons? Are you getting your start in cybersecurity and looking for a way to immerse yourself in the field before you take [...]

Superhero CISO Award by Enterprise IT World Erdal Ozkaya

Superhero CISO Award by Enterprise IT World 2020

Superhero CISO Award to Dr Erdal Ozkaya by Enterprise IT World I am proud to announce that I have won the “ CISO SUPERHERO AWARD ” by  Enterprise IT World. Thank you Dr Erdal Ozkaya Superhero CISO Dr Erdal Ozkaya For more info : https://www.enterpriseitworld.com/100-ict-leaders-in-mea-awarded-at-covid-19-superhero-technology-summit-awards-mea/ My Awards : https://www.erdalozkaya.com/category/about-erdal-ozkaya/awards/ (more…)