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Book signing

My first book signing session will be right after the Microsoft Executive CISO summit in Burj Al Arab , Dubai.The "secen star" world famous hotel , will host the award winning book " Cybersecurity Attack and Defence Strategies" book signing event As this event is invitation only, please reach out to your company's Microsoft representative like Account Manager, TAM , [...]

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New Book: Learn Social Engineering

My new book "Learn hashtag#SocialEngineering" is ready to be shipped into your libraries. The book will give you everything what you need to learn about Social Engineering. Beside my own views , there is also ask the expert section in the book , where you can also learn different aspects of social engineering by wolrd famous IT Security professionals [...]

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The Use Of Social Media for Terrorism

The Use of Social Media for Terrorism Abstract: This study goes through the ways in which terrorists have been exploiting social media. It explains how terrorist propaganda has been littered all over the internet. It explains how terrorist groups are recruiting new fighters on social media with special interest on westerners. The study also goes through how the increased encryption [...]

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2018 has started great , my research journal has been published at the NATO Defense Against Terrorism Review Vol 9, You can download the Jornal right from the NATO Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism website Here is the URL www.coedat.nato.int/publication/datr/.../03-TheUseofSocial_MediaforTerrorism.pdf Enjoy reading Erdal

New Book : Security and Privacy In Communication Network

I am proud to announce an Academic book which I have contributed as researcher / Co author… The book " Security and Privacy In Communication Network" is just being published from Springer Cybersecurity Privacy

New Book coming soon

I'm very pleased to announce that my friend Yuri Diogenes and I signed a contract with Packt Publishing to write a new book. If everything works according to the plan, this book will be published in the first quarter of 2018. Fun days ahead working with a great friend and professional! Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies coming soon. All [...]

New Book: Administering Windows Server 2012

And finally the new Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) , book is ready, which I have co-authored. This book is not for general sale, and you can only obtain it if you sign up to an Official Microsoft training, via Microsoft or a Microsoft Learning Partner, and as the book states you need to sign up to the Windows [...]