Could Security From the Field part 1 – Free Training

Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Could Security From the Field

Is your organization moving toward the cloud? If you are in IT today, the answer is most likely yes. And, that being the case, security is probably a concern. Join experts Raymond Comvalius and Erdal Ozkaya for a detailed look at issues that come with cloud integration and how to address them.

Get an introduction to the security landscape and how to navigate it in a modern way. See where to focus when you manage and verify robust security at the physical, network, host, application, and data layers. Learn best practices for security-aware deployment, operational management, and threat mitigation to help protect all your data, make services resilient to attack, and stay in control—no matter how your cloud systems evolve.

1 | Cloud Security Basics Learn the service models and key areas of focus when entering the cloud.

2 | Azure Security Center Learn how to deal with cloud security concerns by utilizing tools that help you to get more security and to unlock opportunities that the cloud has to offer.

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