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Cybersecurity boffins to compare notes <3

Cybersecurity University of Cape Town Erdal

Cybersecurity boffins to compare notes

UCT, in partnership with Dimension Data, will host the inaugural Cyber Security Symposium Africa from 16 to 19 July on UCT’s middle campus.

The symposium, which features some top names in the cybersecurity field, is intended as a platform for these experts to share knowledge and ideas, and identify possible collaborations.

They will also give guidance on what institutions need to do to ensure that their data is secure and how to encourage users to be aware of their actions when interacting on the university networks and online.

Attendees can expect names such as Dr Nick Tate, who has worked across the world in the IT field; Erdal Ozkaya, an Australian IT security professional; and UCT’s own executive director of Information and Communication Technology Services, Sakkie Janse van Rensburg.


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