Commonwealth Bank you can do better!!! CBA is not hassle Free 2011

Commonwealth Bank you can do better Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words, and the below example is perfect for this “saying”! What do you think :) Commonwealth Bank   (more…)


What Google knows about you

What Google knows about you A good friend of mine Gary Duffuiled a MCLC, from the UK has shared a very interesting post, wanted to share with you as is: WHAT GOOGLE KNOWS ABOUT YOU ? Source: Computer World link click here Computerworld – “Google knows more about you than your mother.” Kevin Bankston, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, recently made that...


SECURITY POLICY – empower your knowledge N0W

SECURITY POLICY - IT SECURITY POLICY The essence of an IT security policy is to establish guidelines and standards for accessing the organization's information and application systems. As IT infrastructures have become more complex and organization's resources have become more distributed, the need for improved information security has increased. An IT security policy facilitates the communication of security procedures to users and...

Exchange Server Upgrade Issues and Fix ( Exchange 2010 ) Free Fix :)

Exchange Server Upgrade Issues Recently, I was upgrading an Exchange 2010 environment to Service Pack 3. I ran into a slew of different errors. Five in fact.Every time I fixed one, another pesky one cropped up. Very frustrating! But don't worry I fixed that issue after spending lots of time and I am sharing this with you so you don't loose the time I...

Microsoft Windows Erdal

Windows 7 Firestarter Event – Free to join

Windows 7 FirestarterEvent And Windows 7 is ready for release. Of course as a Lead Springboard Member and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, I am one of the first who is running this event in Australia as well as in the world . Great event, great software THANK YOU FOR Attending Erdal Windows 7 FireStarter Erdal (more…)


Free stuff from the net! Think twice!

Free stuff, from the net! Think twice! A friend of mine called me during the night, asking for help. He was downloading “free stuff” (magazine) from the net and enjoying the FREE reading, next day when he wanted to log in back to his PC , guess what happened , his FREE anti virus did not protect him from not getting infected. After...

Heroes happen here Erdal Ozkaya

Heroes happen here – Honored to be awarded 2008

Heroes happen here At the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Martin Gregory, director Server and Tools, Microsoft Australia stated that the launch represents the biggest outreach exercise to IT professionals and developers in Microsoft history. He added that success in the applications market hinges on strong partner relationships. Microsoft announced the enterprise launch of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Visual...

Remove Virus from your computer

Remove Virus from your computer, secure it back easily !

Remove Virus from your computer, secure it back easily ! WHAT IS A COMPUTER VIRUS? Computer virus is a computer program which is not designed to help or make your life easy. PC Viruses can replicate itselfand spread from one computer to another. Some viruses affect computers as soon as their code is executed, where some other viruses stay still until a...