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Hacking is easy! Don’t make it even easier for Attackers

Hacking is easy by Erdal Ozkaya

Hacking is easy!

We had Full house and 5 Star’s review form the webinar I run few weeks back. If you didn’t watch it, below is the recording for you to watch via #BrightTalk

We have all heard it before: It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN you’ll be hacked. Some even say that we are all (already) hacked. Hacking can impact the ability of organisations to do business, expose sensitive customer information or industrial secrets and have direct and indirect negative financial consequences for businesses.

Despite the many high profile cases we see disclosed on a regular basis, and the efforts to improve awareness, we continue to see organisations being hacked over and over again. One of the reasons is that security has not yet become a concern for the entire business. Therefore, efforts to reduce the risk of breaches are often misaligned and leave dangerous entry points open for attackers.

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