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Kevin Mitnick recommends Learn Social Engineering by Erdal Ozkaya

Today I have received an Feedback which made me very happy.

One of the very first known Social Engineer’ s or Worlds Most known hackers Kevin Mitnick is recommending my book “Learn Social Engineering” in his sessions , conferences as per this e-mail :


“Good Morning (or) Afternoon,  Dr…

Hope you are well in the middle of this pandemic. My name is Carleton Smith, a older online student currently undergoing online re-certification in Digital Forensics using the EdX platform taking classes at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology under Dr. Johnathan Weissman) ~ Network Security.

I have been unable everywhere I’ve looked both online at Amazon, my local library online, interlibrary loan system throughout the USA, etc… to find your book  Learn Social Engineering ISBN:  978-1-78883-792-7 even in a .PDF version.

The reformed hacker, Kevin Mitnick, now a IT security consultant in Las Vegas, NV had spoken of your book recommending it  so I wanted to read it.  But again, finding a copy has been quite elusive so far.

Would you have even a .PDF summary of the “highlights” available maybe I could purchase?   I would be most grateful for any assistance and thank you in advance for your time today.

It’s a fascinating subject, isn’t it?  My current professor says one can easily” get quite lost” in it…

Once again, thank you, Sir. Have a most blessed day! 

Carleton Smith”


Kevin Mitnick Erdal Ozkaya

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