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Keynote at National Event of SCIT India

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology [SCIT] has invited me as Chief Guest / Keynote speaker to their National Event. It will be a pleasure to share my knowledge and advises about Information Technology and Cybersecurity with their management as well as students.

National Seminar at SCIT, for the past 20 years has been an inimitable platform to critically assess the State of IT and related industries from a multitude of dimensions. Over the period of time, National Seminar has become the platform where the best of the IT minds meet, understand and discuss the dynamics of the IT industry for the future.

The details of the National Seminar 2020 are as follows:

21st National Seminar (3rd October 2020)

Date: 3rd October 2020 (Saturday)


Our world is going through an era of digital transformation. Organizations globally have adapted to a new normal which is primarily virtual. With many organizations moving to a digital workplace, Agile practices can be used by companies to encourage interactions, customer collaboration, flexibility, and product delivery in a virtual world. Agility introduced in a virtual world will bring in fluidity, ingenuity and will help to ensure company-wide process management and effective cross-functional communication. It inculcates the values of versatility, resilience and innovation in businesses and individuals by allowing them to deal with ambiguity and volatility even during uncertain times. During these times, companies must constantly adapt to the changing dynamic needs of the hour by bringing agility into the business model. It is not just a question of surviving, becoming agile is a pathway to thriving.

Points of Discussion:

  • How effectively can new age managers incorporate such practices to increase effectiveness and efficiency?
  • Which strategies can be implemented for effective communications while managing virtually?
  • How to manage cost time and quality of Product/Project by introducing Agile in an organization?
  • What changes can we expect to see in an organization in the Post-COVID era?
  • What areas of business can incorporate Agile practices for management in remote working conditions?
  • Do we require modifications in existing work culture in the current working environment?
  • How will Agile practices increase productivity in the virtual world?


20th National Seminar:

Titled ‘Branching conventional businesses into new verticals, a profitable deal or a delusion’, National Seminar 2019 explored the varied opportunities and threats that lie ahead with Digital Disruption. The seminar threw light on how companies are venturing into new verticals to safeguard against disruption enabled by Information Technology.

19th National Seminar:

Titled ‘Amalgamating IoT and Big Data: A leverage to Data Analytics or an Adversary?’, National Seminar 2018 aimed to venture the two contrasting sides in relation to the intersection of Big Data and IoT. The seminar explored the integration of Big Data and IoT, the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The leverage gained by various fields with the combination of Big Data and IoT.

For more info : https://scit.edu/ 

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Comments (4)

  • Vishwendra Chauhan Reply

    We’re all extremely excited to have you. Looking forward for the session.

    02/10/2020 at 13:33
  • Shreya Mathur Reply

    Sir, we are elated to have you as our Keynote speaker. Can’t wait to attend the seminar.

    02/10/2020 at 13:56
  • Mayank Arora Reply

    We are eagerly waiting to hear about your expertise in this domain.

    02/10/2020 at 14:17
  • Manav Bhalla Reply

    Amazing! Looking forward to this event.

    02/10/2020 at 14:26

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