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Learn Social Engineering : New Book

I am pleased to announce that my new book “Learn Social Engineering” has just been published. A book which covers #SocialEngineering from A to Z & contains case studies from the field, as well as expert opinions.
I would like to thank all the experts who have contributed in the book :
Troy Hunt creator of haveibeenpwned.com
Jonathan Trull Microsoft’s Global Chief Security Advisor
Yalkin Demirkaya the ex CISO of Bureau of New York Police Department
Mitko Bogdanoski key expert of European Union security projects 
Marcus Murray  Cybersecurity expert & VP of TrueSec
Hasain Alshakarti Cybersecurity Expert
Milad Aslaner Security Person at Microsoft
Paula Januszkiewicz  Cybersecurity Expert  & CEO of CQURE Inc.
Aryeh Goretsky Distinguished Researcher of ESET
Sami LaihoWindows & Security Expert
Şükrü Durmaz Forensics expert  & CEO of DIFOSE Akademi
Raymond P L Comvalius Multi Focused ICT specialist
Andy Malone (MVP MCT) World Class technology instructor & Author
Chris Jackson Windows Internals Expert  Microsoft
Ozan Uçar Founder and chief technologist at Keepnet Labs
Dan Weis Lead Penetration Tester at Kiandra IT
George Dobrea Chief Hacking Officer
Emre Tınaztepe , Founder and chief technologist at Zemana
Raif Sarica  Multi Focused ICT specialist
Leyla Aliyeva Head of Azer CERT
Oguzhan Filizlibay Microsoft Execute Security Advisor

About This Book

·Learn to implement information security using social engineering

·Get hands-on experience of using different tools such as Kali Linux, the Social Engineering toolkit and so on

·Practical approach towards learning social engineering, for IT security

Who This Book Is For

This book targets security professionals, security analysts, penetration testers, or any stakeholder working with information security who wants to learn how to use social engineering techniques. Prior knowledge of Kali Linux is an added advantage

What You Will Learn

·Learn to implement information security using social engineering

·Learn social engineering for IT security

·Understand the role of social media in social engineering

·Get acquainted with Practical Human hacking skills

·Learn to think like a social engineer

·Learn to beat a social engineer

In Detail

This book will provide you with a holistic understanding of social engineering. It will help you to avoid and combat social engineering attacks by giving you a detailed insight into how a social engineer operates.

Learn Social Engineering starts by giving you a grounding in the different types of social engineering attacks, and the damages they cause. It then sets up the lab environment to use different tools and then perform social engineering steps such as information gathering. The book covers topics from baiting, phishing, and spear phishing, to pretexting and scareware.

By the end of the book, you will be in a position to protect yourself and your systems from social engineering threats and attacks.

All in all, the book covers social engineering from A to Z , along with excerpts from many worldwide known security experts.

Style and approach

A step-by-step practical guide that will get you well acquainted with Social Engineering. You’ll be able to get started with it in a matter of minutes with the help of different tools such as the Social Engineering toolkit , Kali Linux and so on.

Kevin Mitnick recommends :

Today I have received an Feedback which made me very happy.

One of the very first known Social Engineer’ s or Worlds Most known hackers Kevin Mitnick is recommending my book “Learn Social Engineering” in his sessions , conferences as per this e-mail :


“Good Morning (or) Afternoon,  Dr…

Hope you are well in the middle of this pandemic. My name is Carleton Smith, a older online student currently undergoing online re-certification in Digital Forensics using the EdX platform taking classes at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology under Dr. Johnathan Weissman) ~ Network Security.

I have been unable everywhere I’ve looked both online at Amazon, my local library online, interlibrary loan system throughout the USA, etc… to find your book  Learn Social Engineering ISBN:  978-1-78883-792-7 even in a .PDF version.

The reformed hacker, Kevin Mitnick, now a IT security consultant in Las Vegas, NV had spoken of your book recommending it  so I wanted to read it.  But again, finding a copy has been quite elusive so far.

Would you have even a .PDF summary of the “highlights” available maybe I could purchase?   I would be most grateful for any assistance and thank you in advance for your time today.

It’s a fascinating subject, isn’t it?  My current professor says one can easily” get quite lost” in it…

Once again, thank you, Sir. Have a most blessed day! 

Carleton Smith”

Cybersecurity Canon Candidate Book Review: Learn Social Engineering



Kevin Mitnick recommends Learn Social Engineering by Erdal Ozkaya

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