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Microsoft Regional Director 2020-2022

Microsoft Regional Director

After nearly 5 years I got some great news . I am back at the Microsoft Community this time as Regional Director. This morning I received an e-mail from Microsoft which starts as

“I am delighted to welcome you to the Microsoft Regional Director program!” 

No, don’t let this title confuse you, I am not -at least at this stage- back working for Microsoft as Full Time Employee (FTE) , its a Community Leadership award

“The standard for admission to this program is high.  Your selection is a tribute to your broad technical and business knowledge, community leadership, and ability to connect with Microsoft customers, partners, and our product group professionals. “

Now , you might wonder why after 5 years ? The answer is simple , because as soon as you join Microsoft as FTE you will loose the community awards such as Microsoft Regional Director or Microsoft Most Valuable Professional . As I am currently not in Microsoft payroll as an employee, I qualify to be awarded , based on my community contributions.

I’m really grateful to have this recognition, particularly because it’s comes as a result of just doing what I genuinely love.

What is Microsoft Regional Director Program?

Microsoft Regional Directors are independent technology enthusiasts who engage in dealing with and evangelizing one or more of Microsoft technologies in a particular region. It may sound like they are someone who is on the payroll of Microsoft, but that is not the case. Just like Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Student Partners or Microsoft Student Associates, they are members of a Microsoft program.

Microsoft Regional Director Program

Microsoft Regional Director Dr Erdal
Microsoft Regional Director

Microsoft MVPs are selected based on their contributions towards a specific technology and are not bound by location. Unlike Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Regional Directors are independent developers, trainers, or professionals who form a vital link between Microsoft and the developer community.

A Regional Director typically is an expert who focuses on software development tools and technologies, whereas a Microsoft MVP can be experts in any of the numerous Microsoft software and services – like Windows for instance.

He/She could be an expert who contributes to a particular region, creating a powerful impact in their technical community. RDs also provide valuable feedback to Microsoft on emerging technologies and are invited to seminars and conferences to speak about technologies of their expertise.

Regional Directors represent the best of the Microsoft Developer Community. While we come together in a Microsoft program we work on all platforms and technologies. We believe, however, in Microsoft’s commitment to the developer community and we work directly with the company to help enhance their products and bring the market the best of technology innovation.

During their 2 year term, RDs are expected to engage with the developer community as well as Microsoft customers. This could take the form of Training, delivering talks, speaking engagements, as well as writing books, articles, etc.

How to become Microsoft Regional Director

There is no simple or straight forward method to become a Microsoft Regional Director. You cannot apply to become an RD or Regional Director. The development evangelist of an area recommends a person to his or her immediate superior mentioning the qualities, contributions, and achievements of that person. Based on the recommendations, Microsoft selects the Regional Director.

You can learn more about what the Microsoft Regional Director Program is here

Thank you for everyone who helped me to get this recognition,  Microsoft Corporate Vice President Ann Johnson, Regional Director Program Manager Mary Kate Sincero, Community Lead Deepak Rejendran, Azure Community Lead Tiberiu Covaci and everyone in my life who gives positive energy.

we are better together