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Our book in Korean is ready (사이버 보안 )

This is an awesome feeling, finally, our award-winning book Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies is ready to sale in Korean. Yuri and I are really proud, this was our first book project and even after nearly 2 years it’s still in Amazon Bestselling list and now it’s ready to take off in Korean.

사이버 보안 [레드팀 및 블루팀 전략]

  • 원서명Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies: Infrastructure security with Red Team and Blue Team tactics (ISBN 9781788475297)
  • 지은이유리 디오게네스(Yuri Diogenes), 에르달 오즈카야(Erdal Ozkaya)
  • 옮긴이최만균
  • ISBN : 9791161752648
  • 35,000원
  • 2019년 02월 28일 펴냄
  • 페이퍼백 | 420쪽 | 188*235mm
  • 시리즈 : acorn+PACKT, 해킹과 보안


If you are following my blog from Korea, you can get the books from the below online book re sellers :




Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies – Second Edition:

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