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Security Advisor ME CISO Conference 2020 – Join us for free

Security Advisor ME CISO Conference 2020

I’m delighted to announce that I will be speaking at the Security ME Magazine’s Security and Excellence event at 24th of March in Ritz Carlton Hotel.


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My session details:

Double edged sword: AI and machine learning’s impact on cybersecurity
Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to gain a foothold in our everyday lives. Organisations across the world are looking at optimising these technologies to streamline operations, improve customer experiences and, of course, enhance cybersecurity. However, as organisations optimise AI and machine learning to accelerate their digital transformation, today’s cybercriminals are also utilising the same technologies to launch more effective attacks.

This panel discussion aims to identify AI and machine learning usage in various security and risk management areas. It will also determine how security leaders can develop cybersecurity strategies that will enable them to anticipate and mitigate AI-enabled cyber-attacks.

Ashish Khanna – Information Security Officer, Dubai Health Authority
Dr. Erdal Ozkaya – Head of Information and Cyber Security, Standard Chartered Bank

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