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Speaking at GRC Leadership Summit

Join us on September 17 to listen to the panel which I will be part of  with some experts like :

Diego Souza, Executive Director – Global CISO, Cummins Inc.,

Manish Tiwari, SVP / Global CISO,

Bharti Airtel, and

Dr. Erdal Ozkaya Regional CISO and MD, Standard Chartered Bank, UAE,

discuss the quantification of #risks in business terms

Registration link : https://www.grc-summit.com/leadership-series/september


The ‘new normal’ of the work from home regime has put the IT and cyber infrastructure of organizations to the real test. How can data be protected, weak links be strengthened, and the overall IT security of the extended enterprise be tracked, monitored, and kept resilient to ensure uninterrupted business performance?

This edition of the GRC Summit Leadership series offers you expert perspectives and best practices on how automation and the quantification of IT and cyber risks in business terms can yield effective cybersecurity management, delivering overall cyber resilience.

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