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Video Training :Essential Components of a ‘Zero Trust’ Architecture

The key components of an effective "zero trust" architecture include multifactor authentication, network segmentation, and a defense-in-depth approach, says Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, regional CISO and managing director at Standard Chartered Bank.  You can watch the view interview with we did with Information Security Media Group: https://youtu.be/pxWEf8HcNTc   "In a 'zero trust' model, identity and micro-segmentation play a key role in enhancing existing [...]


2018 has started great , my research journal has been published at the NATO Defense Against Terrorism Review Vol 9, You can download the Jornal right from the NATO Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism website Here is the URL www.coedat.nato.int/publication/datr/.../03-TheUseofSocial_MediaforTerrorism.pdf Enjoy reading Erdal

Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism

Third time in a row, what an honor, to receive an award certificate and NATO Medal for the work I enjoy doing. No words can explain my happiness, I am pumped, and I keep smiling every time when I look at my award certificate, a dream came through, helping organizations that exist to stop terrorism ...