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Artificial Intelligence Erdal Ozkaya

Artificial Intelligence The Ultimate Weapon in the War

Artificial Intelligence  The Ultimate Weapon in the War against Cyber Criminals

For a legion of cybersecurity experts from across the globe, CISO MAG hosted a Fireside Chat with Dr. Erdal Ozkaya on the topic, “AI: The Ultimate Weapon in the War against Cyber Criminals.” Dr. Ozkaya is a an award-winning CISO of a regional bank. The Fire Chat was moderated by Brian Pereira, Principal Editor of CISO MAG, who interviewed Dr Erdal. It was held on April 21, 2020.

Dr. Ozkaya started the webinar by talking about the inception of cloud, how people were aversive towards it initially and eventually how cloud became a staple for organizations; and compared it to AI. He mentioned the aversiveness toward adoption of AI among organizations right now.

Dr. Ozkaya stressed how adoption of AI will be similar to the adoption of cloud. He also spoke elaborately on the profound impact AI will have in the future where human and machine intelligence complement each other, and how AI should not simply be seen as a substitute. He discussed the scope of AI and the future of security as the sheer volume of threats is becoming very difficult to track by humans alone.

Commenting on the roles of the CISO, he is of the opinion that CISOs need to invest in tools and methodologies that enable their organizations to be more efficient and secure. According to him, automation, orchestration, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can enable machines to take over the repetitive grunt work currently done by security personnel. He also addressed several pressing issues surrounding the adoption of AI, including scenarios like job loss and even bot wars — AI becoming self-aware.

Dr. Ozkaya also took questions from the audience on topics like “How will AI disrupt cybersecurity and help the industry fight the battle against cybercriminals in the future?”. Hackers are using AI too. In what way? How should we respond?

The full version of the Fireside chat can be found here. Or Just watch it below :

Following the Q&A, Dr. Erdal also promised copies of his latest book, the second edition of “Cybersecurity-Attack and Defense Strategies” to several members of the audience of the CISO MAG Fireside chat. The audience also participated in a snap poll during the webinar.

Dr. Ozkaya is a tenured cybersecurity professional and has juggled the roles of a security advisor, speaker, lecturer, and author. Having excelled in business development, management, and academics, he is focused towards securing the cyberspace and he is passionate about imparting knowledge from his hands-on experiences. As an award-winning technical expert, Dr. Ozkaya has received many accolades.

His recent awards are the :

  • Cyber Security Professional of the year MEA,
  • Hall of Fame by CISO MagazineCybersecurity Influencer of the year (2019),
  • Microsoft Circle of Excellence Platinum Club (2017),
  •  NATO Center of Excellence (2016)
  •  Security Professional of the year by MEA Channel Magazine (2015),
  •  Professional of the year Sydney (2014).

He has been a speaker at many conferences And also holds Global Instructor of the Year awards from EC-Council & Microsoft.

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