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Cyber Sentinel Award 2020 Global

Cyber Sentinel Award 2020 Global

Global Cyber Sentinel Award winner Dr Erdal Ozkaya Great way to close the year and an honor to be given “Cyber Sentinel Award 2020 Global” - for my contributions to the cyber domain. Thank you Dell Technologies and Enterprise IT World All my awards https://www.erdalozkaya.com/category/about-erdal-ozkaya/awards/ Enterprise IT Super hero CISO Award https://www.enterpriseitworld.com/100-ict-leaders-in-mea-awarded-at-covid-19-superhero-technology-summit-awards-mea/

Free Event

Sophos Security Symposium 2020 free event

Sophos Security Symposium 2020 Join many great speakers and me in Sophus's End of year Security Symposium in partnership with Enterprise IT Theme: Decoding Cyber Security Amid Pandemic 3 Panel Discussions by senior #CISOs, #CEOs and #CIOs 1 Fireside Chat by global CISOs on Privacy and GDPR. 4 Technology Presentation To access agenda and speakers' details click on https://www.ciso100.com When : 19th December at 01:30 PM (IST) register here  ABOUT THE SYMPOSIUM 2020 Enterprise IT...

Financial Sector Transformation

Financial Sector Transformation – Free TRA1NING

Financial Sector Transformation Know what a UAE based Banking CISO, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, thinking about the banking transformation from digital standpoint. How compliances are adapting to the new normal and how security landscape is changing and best approach to stay immune from the impact. He is talking about banking bots, cloud computing services, agility, WHF , cybersecurity and a lot more. You...

Superhero CISO Award by Enterprise IT World Erdal Ozkaya

Superhero CISO Award by Enterprise IT World 2020

Superhero CISO Award to Dr Erdal Ozkaya by Enterprise IT World I am proud to announce that I have won the “ CISO SUPERHERO AWARD ” by  Enterprise IT World. Thank you Dr Erdal Ozkaya Superhero CISO Dr Erdal Ozkaya For more info : https://www.enterpriseitworld.com/100-ict-leaders-in-mea-awarded-at-covid-19-superhero-technology-summit-awards-mea/ My Awards : https://www.erdalozkaya.com/category/about-erdal-ozkaya/awards/ (more…)