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Kevin Mitnick Recommends Erdal Ozkaya

Kevin Mitnick recommends Learn Social Engineering by Erdal 0zkaya

Kevin Mitnick recommends Today I have received an Feedback which made me very happy. One of the very first known Social Engineer' s or Worlds Most known hackers Kevin Mitnick is recommending my book "Learn Social Engineering" in his sessions , conferences as per this e-mail : "Good Morning (or) Afternoon,  Dr... Hope you are well in the middle of this pandemic. My [...]

MMS 2012 Dr Ozkaya

MMS 2012

MMS 2012 Speaking in front of 5300 attendees at the sold-out Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) here at the Venetian in Las Vegas and getting again very feedback, makes me thank God and everyone who spend time to share their thoughts.   Microsoft Management Summit Erdal Ozkaya Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson and I recommended similar things :) " In his keynote, Anderson [...]

Microsoft Management Summit Erdal Ozkaya

Microsoft Management Summit 2011 Great :)

Microsoft Management Summit Microsoft Management Summit The Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) brings together the brightest IT professionals from around the world to increase their technical expertise through an intensive week of training led by experts in desktop, device management, datacenter, and cloud technologies.

Microsoft management Summit Erdal Ozkaya

MMS 2011, Thank you

MMS 2011 MMS , What a week ... Being in Vegas with thousand of IT Pro's... Delivering 2 session. Fairly new to most of the attendees, talking first time about Intune, which is still in Beta and of course my main expertise are "Security" which many of the attendees are aware but, most of them where asking "What securing the [...]