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Dr Erdal Ozkaya Platinum Club

Microsoft Circle of Excellence – Highest Employee Awards by Microsoft

Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award    Microsoft Circle of Excellence Erdal Ozkaya A very proud moment... as I mentioned before I am really humbled to have won this award by Microsoft within 16 months... special thanks to my wife and kids without their support this success would not happen...This just the beginning... This week we are in Hawaii, invited by Microsoft , together [...]

Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence Platinum Club Award 2017

Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence Platinum Club Award  The last two days was pretty incredible for me, and I still feel overwhelmed and undeserving. To be awarded the Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence Platinum Club, Microsoft’s highest award for achievement was unbelievable in its own right. Thank you Microsoft for this inspiring leadership that makes us take risks; bet big; and go [...]