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Cybersecurity Bootcamp Erdal Ozkaya

Intelligent security is key to fight sophisticated threats

Intelligent security is key to fight sophisticated threats By : Adelle Geronim tahawultech.com/ Intelligent security is increasingly becoming vital as GCC CISOs continue to battle against increasingly sophisticated threats, according to experts. Erdal Ozkaya, Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft, said, “An alarming number of regional organisations are still using outdated strategies and authentication models, even as international headlines continue to illustrate the intensity of...

Turk Telekom Cybersecurity Erdal Ozkaya

Turk Telekom Cybersecurity – Thankful for the award – 0

Turk Telekom Cybersecurity Thank you very much for the great hospitality Turk Telekom and specially Ilknur Cifcibasi it was a great honour to be with you and your team. It was a great event where we talked about Cybersecurity and the current Security Landscape. Again, thank you on behalf all the great teams at Microsoft for your award . It means a...

Rooftop Interview in Madrid, Erdal Ozkaya

Rooftop Interview in Madrid, spectacular Spain 2013

Rooftop Interview in Madrid, During Microsoft Tech Ed in Madrid, we were interviewed by Jeremy Chapman , together with my very good friend Raymond Comvalious We spoke about the Security Landscape, Office and much more Please click in the below link to watch the interview.