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Keynote at Global Cybersecurity Research Center

A cyber security conference for the first time outside the public sector in Turkey ,took place on 20 October 2017 with the cooperation of CSRC-Global and New Media Department of Istanbul Gelisim University with the attendance of many experts from Turkey and abroad. The organizer of the Conference, Asst. Prof. Dr. Deniz Akçay and Chair Person of CSRC-Global Asst.Prof. Dr. [...]

Award from General Military Staff of Turkey

We all work hard, we all sacrifice from our own time to help our customers. Of course we do get paid for what we do but sometimes you receive appreciation certificates like the one I got which you can not buy with money or just hard work . Special thanks to General Military Staff of Turkey... This [...]

Ankara Cyber Meetup at DIFOSE

DIFOSE hosted today a Cybersecurity even where Sukru Durmaz, Hakan Ekizer and I spoke to Gazi University, Computer Engineering Group , final year students on how they can shape their careers better in this field. I love to be with the younger generation. Thank you DIFOSE for hosting this event and inviting me