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Experts of Incident Response Age Cloud

Experts of Incident Response Age Cloud < 3

Experts of Incident Response Age Cloud Book As most of you are already aware , later this year I will release a brand new book which is called " Incident Response in the Age of Cloud" and like in many of my books I dedicate the last chapter to some world famous experts In this book I will have : Orin Thomas [...]

Sony R & D Conference Keynote – 2019 Meeting the Innovative team

Sony R and D Conference -Keynote in London  I am proud to announce that I am invited to deliver a Keynote, as Guest Speaker at the internal Sony Research and Development Conference this week, in the United Kingdom. As usual, I will be speaking all about CyberSecurity. Event Dates : 18-19 June , London... More info about Sony R&D  https://www.sony.com/en/SonyInfo/technology/ For more evets : https://www.erdalozkaya.com/category/free-events/ Sony [...]