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Speaking at Microsoft Management Summit 2011

This is again a part of year where Microsoft reaches out to all its customers, partners, IT Pros and developers through its back to back technical conferences with some great announcements, Technical Sessions and demonstrations of its latest and cutting edge products and solutions. Year 2011 will start with Microsoft Management Summit 2011 next week in Las Vegas, followed by [...]

Office Dev Con 2010

Thank you very much for joining our Free Community Event, On December 3, I joined a group of Aussie Office fanatics which they put together a conference called Office DevCon, its an annual Office Event. The event was great for anyone involved in managing Office products in their workplace, seek or for those interested in getting a little more intimate [...]

Hobart Cyber

Cyber-security is a major issue that no one can no longer ignore. After speaking in the Hobart Cyber event, I had the pleasure spend few days with very smart security professionals, and I am really thankful for all the good feedback and award /gifts they gave me. Thank you, Hobart, Tasmania

Keynote Australian Information Security Association

This year the Australian Information Security Association is organizing the annual ASIA conference again, and I am happy to announce that I will be presenting "The Hacker Steps You need to Fallow" We are looking forward to see you in the hottest Security Australian conference of the year


  The essence of an IT security policy is to establish guidelines and standards for accessing the organization's information and application systems. As IT infrastructures have become more complex and organization's resources have become more distributed, the need for improved information security has increased. An IT security policy facilitates the communication of security procedures to users and makes them more aware [...]

Dustin Jones – Perth City Council

My name is Dustin from the training class on Last Friday to yesterday and I'm just writing to thank you again for the training. I also wish you all the best for your U.S. trip and would love to hear if you get held up by customs again :P and how the Microsoft keynotes are. i'd love it if [...]

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