Knowing the threat actors behind a cyber attack

This article is an excerpt taken from our latest book Hands-On Cybersecurity for Finance written by  Milad Aslaner and myself. In this book you will learn how to successfully defend your system against common cyber threats, making sure your financial services are a step ahead in terms of security. In this article, you will understand the different types of threat [...]

CARBANAK Source Code Analysis (By Fireeye)

Please be aware this is a repost from FIREEYE. Michael Bailey, James T. Bennett did a great job, which deserves respect. PART 1: PART 2: It is very unusual for FLARE to analyze a prolifically-used, privately-developed backdoor only to later have the source code and operator tools fall into our laps. Yet this is the [...]

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56 Must Know Data Breach

56 Must Know Data Breach I found this blog post by  Rob Sobers( ) very informative , and I wanted to share it with YOU as well. Data breaches are getting bigger, hackers are getting savvier, and the amount of compromised data is unfortunately on the rise. A quick look at data breach trends shows that hackers are mostly motivated by money to acquire data and that personal information [...]

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Cybersecurity: The Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to have a career in Cybersecurity? Do you want some guidance on how to switch to cyber? Then this book is right for you, where you will learn everything you need to start your Cyber career from the authors as well as Industry experts like Ann Johnson, Robin Wright, Yuri Diogenes, Dr. Ivica Simonoski, Onur Ceren, [...]

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IT Security Policy

The essence of an IT security policy is to establish guidelines and standards for accessing the organization's information and application systems. As IT infrastructures have become more complex and organization's resources have become more distributed, the need for improved [...]

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