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Honorary Speaker at National Cybersecurity Conference

Honorary Speaker at National Cybersecurity Conference

I’m honored to announce that I will be serving as an Honorary Speaker at the 3rd National Cybersecurity Conference, hosted by the Azerbaijan Cybersecurity Association.
I will have the privilege of delivering both the opening and closing remarks. My presentation will focus on the critical topic of cybersecurity, specifically addressing the latest threat actor trends and advocating for a ‘default-deny’ approach to enhance our defenses. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you at this significant event.

When : June 1

Wher: Bilgah Beach Hotel , Baku

Registration : Cyber Forum AZ


  • Traditionally, the Forum is hosted annually by the Association of Cybersecurity Organisations of Azerbaijan.
  • The main objective of the Forum is to facilitate discussions with partners and experts that can contribute to the development of the cybersecurity ecosystem.
  • Within the framework of the Forum, discussions will be held with the participation of local and international experts on topics such as the country’s cybersecurity ecosystem, the security of critical information infrastructure, education and human resources in cybersecurity, and the formation of cyber diaspora.
  • During the Forum, presentations will be given on the work done in member countries of the Organisation of Turkic States, as well as discussions on future collaboration perspectives with other partner countries in cybersecurity.
  • Various companies’ products and solutions will be presented in the exhibition section of the Forum.
  • An extensive meeting of ACOA Expert Committees will take place within the framework of the Forum.

Azərbaycan Kibertəhlükəsizlik Təşkilatları

Purpose of the Association

The main objectives of the Association include strengthening the cybersecurity ecosystem in the country and supporting the coordination of activities related to ensuring cybersecurity (hereinafter referred to as the relevant field) and the development of the relevant field.

Activity Directions of the Association

  • Participate in the development and support of relevant projects and programs related to the provision of cybersecurity
  • Carry out measures related to the development of the relevant field, to participate in the development of proposals and the implementation of measures
  • Support the strengthening of national, scientific-technical and personnel potential in the relevant field
  • Support the expansion of domestic, regional and international cooperation in the relevant field
  • Ensure the coordination of the activities of local and foreign physical and legal entities specialized in the relevant field, to unite them on the basis of the principles of voluntarism and mutual consent
  • Carry out education and information in the relevant field and to participate in the implementation of activities in this field, to support the development of cybersecurity culture in the country
  • Support the development of the information society.