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Protecting the company brand

Protecting the company brand: Incident Response Evolution and Current Challenges Part 2

To read Part 1 of the article, please click here Modern cybersecurity evolution Compared just with the last decade or so, the cybersecurity landscape has evolved as threats have become more sophisticated. Not only organizations but more and more individual devices are connected to the internet. While beneficial technological progress has been happening, attacks have also […]

Incident Response

Incident Response Evolution and Current Challenges Part 1

Incident Response Evolution and Current Challenges Incident Response (IR) is the approach used to manage security incidents in order to reduce the damage to an organization and improve the recovery of affected services or functionalities. IR activities follow a plan, which is the set of directions that outline the response procedures and the roles of different […]

Incident response with Microsoft Azure

Incident response with Microsoft Azure – Superior Guide to 1R

Incident response in the cloud As we’ve already learned, an incident is a service disruption that impacts your customers and end users, regardless of where this is—be it a mobile device or the cloud! We’ve also learned that incidents can come in many different forms, ranging from performance slowdowns to system crashes or difficulties reaching your […]

Incident Response in the age of cloudIncident Response in the age of cloud

Incident Response In The Age Of Cloud – 2021

Anyone can be hacked. It is just a matter of time. Even the right technology, e.g. the best firewall or anti-virus application, can fall short of protecting your system against cyber-attacks since cybercriminals are always in search of finding new methods and ways to infiltrate into systems. Responding to an incident quickly will help an […]

Incident Response in the Age of Cloud

Incident Response in the Age of Cloud –

Incident Response in the Age of Cloud by Dr Erdal Ozkaya And here is the “planned ” cover of my new book, I hope you will like it as much as I did. The book is planned to be published in August 2020 , and as usual I will have Ask The Expert Section with […]

Cryptolocker and Incident Response Bir Saldırının Anatomisi: Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker and Incident Response – Free Webinar 3/6/21 :

Cryptolocker and Incident Response This webinar will be hosted by Turkeys biggest IT Community Cozum Park in Turkish Bir Saldırının Anatomisi: Cryptolocker Son zamanlarda COVID-19 pandemi salgını nedeniyle evden ve uzaktan çalışma zorunluluğuna en fazla sevinenler hiç şüphesiz siber saldırganlar oldu. Özellikle siber güvenlik konusunda gerekli ve yeterli önlemleri almayan KOBİ’lere saldıran siber korsanlar önce […]

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