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Conscientious Achiever , Erdal Ozkaya 2010

Conscientious Achiever,

From Australian Turkish Business Council Newsletter and Web site

 About ATBC ?

The Australian Turkish Business Council is a not-for-profit business organisation formed 16 years ago by dedicated Turkish  Australian  Business owners.  Its aim was to bring together the Australian-Turkish commercial enterprises and provide various services for them. A further aim of the council was to create opportunities for the promotion of our member business owners by way of holding business seminars and advertising on our website. We also have networking opportunities where members can meet each other and develop contacts.

The Australian Turkish Business Council has been a major bridge between Australia and  Turkey for the establishment of trade and has been the first point of contact for Turkey’s business interests in Australia. 

The ATBC has been the primary host of Turkish trade, government and other dignitaries visiting Australia from Turkey and has a close relationship with the Turkish Embassy and Consular General of Melbourne. 

Other than trade and business the ATBC  has a strong interest in culture and has been advocating and sponsoring major cultural projects within the community. 

It is the first ever Turkish organisation to hold an annual  Ramazan  Iftar dinner to invite the wider community. This year it will hold the 16th Iftar dinner. This dinner is open to all our members. 

The ATBC was also the first business organization to hold a free community annual picnic starting ten years ago,  which is sponsored by the Turkish Business Community and served to the Community on the day by the major Turkish Business in Melbourne.  Each year we are happy to serve around  700 members of our community. 

ATBC has a strong  interest in finance, the tax laws and superannuation and runs regular seminars throughout the year free to our members. 

Education is another important area of interest for the Council and we have been supporting and mentoring university students to achieve their best.

Australian Turkish Business Council his run by an elected  Board of dedicated business owners and professionals who volunteer their time to meet regularly to organize and promote the activities of the  Council. 

The ATBC prides its self as a professional, dedicated and transparent  Council that upholds the values of integrity, equality and diversity within our Australian Turkish Community. 

ATBC Board

Promote Trade and Investment
All events and measures undertaken by the ATBC are primarily for the purpose of promoting and enhancing business opportunities within Australia and Turkey.

ATBC promotes Trade and Business Opportunities by:

Providing Business focused information and events for all industries
Promoting Turkish business and awareness to the Australian Government
Hosting functions for our members to meet and explore business opportunities with Consulates, Ministers, Trade Delegates and senior Politicians.
Developing strategic partnerships to tap into the growing business opportunities in Turkey and Australia
Advising our members of Trade Missions
Making our members aware of Trade Grants that are available
With continued strong economic growth in Australia and Turkey, there are many significant opportunities for Australian and Turkish Business persons to create lasting and prosperous commercial partnerships.

Our function is to convey and promote this information to our members.

Enhance Relations
Enhance Australian-Turkish Relations

Australia and Turkey have a unique, collaborative, international bond as both Countries play an important role in global governance. Australia and Turkey are both members of the G20 Industrial nations. Additionally, Australia and Turkey are both partners in the Alliance of Civilizations.

Australia and Turkey have excellent diplomatic relations; both countries work closely together and have and international joint shared vision.

Our reverential pride of our two nation’s global standing has encouraged the ATBC to further enhance and inspire understanding and co-operation between our two countries.

Our Council’s dedicated and specialized function is recognized by governmental sectors. Consequently, we are frequently called upon and invited for friendly introductions and pragmatic discussions with State and Federal government leaders, the Turkish Consulate General, the Turkish Ambassador, visiting Turkish dignitaries and civil societies.

All discussions are aimed at advancing Australian-Turkish relations.

Mentor our Business Members
ATBC supports and mentors our members by providing the latest business information and by sharing valuable, business insights.

Our Council provides information about the economy, trade, business opportunities, rules, regulations and taxation laws to our member by:

Conducting seminars
Organizing free Dinners for our members with renowned Economists
Private and individual Mentoring
Emailing monthly Taxation Updates
Private mentoring or group seminars are designed to instill confidence, business pride and lawful work ethics upon our members.

Our successful and competent members are encouraged to nominate for awards. Our members are advised when nomination and registration application for awards are being offered.

Many of our members have won State and National Business Awards. The ATBC has supported and encouraged their achievements and supported their Award applications.

Our Award winning members have included Ali Fuat Kahveci, Mahmut Bas, Necmi Kul, Erdogan Akbulut, Osman Kuyruk and Ozturk Yildiz.

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