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Disabling the Mail app embedded in Windows 10?

Disabling the Mail app embedded in Windows 10

I keep getting questions like :

“I am using Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 as my default app. Bu still when I get a pop-up notice of newly arrived mail, if I click it, Windows 10 opens the pre-installed Mail app instead of Outlook. How can I disable it “

Honestly I am not sure why Microsoft did still not fix this little issue even with the latest build ? For some reason Mail app is still “Recommended to Windows 10” even though you have Office Products installed, this a side here is the fix

Open PowerShell in Admin mode : via

Press Windows key + X , Click Windows PowerShell (Admin)


Type PowerShell in to search box , right click the short cut and run as admin

and then type :

Get-AppxPackage *windowscommunicationsapps* | Remove-AppxPackage

Disabling the Mail app
Disabling the Mail app

That’s it 🙂 Enjoy


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