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Doctorate Graduation speech – free

My Doctorate Graduation speech

I had a dream, a dream which was not so easy to reach; I planned

I had to take the necessary steps to achieve to my goal; I acted

There were times where I felt alone, where I thought I will never go through, I had some negative feedback which I needed to address, times I fall;

I learned from all those to move forward, learned from my mistakes

Finally, at the end I am “Dr “, I made it. 

Today, when I look back, I know nothing happens without dreaming, without taking the first step, without checking the progress and learning from your mistakes.

Today from my speech, if you wanted to walk away with one thought, I would say “never give up” regardless how tired you are, how many times you fail. Stick to your ambition, to you goals and ACHIVE IT. I know YOU CAN, because I just did it, and I just shared my “secret(!) recipe

If you study hard you will be free from ignorance…

Good luck

Dr. Erdal Ozkaya

Higher Degree Candidate News  – Charles Sturt University ( CSU)

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Dr Erdal Ozkaya Doctorate Graduation speech

Dr Erdal Ozkaya Doctorate Graduation speech