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First MCLC in Australia!

We are happy to announce that our lead MCT/MVP ERDAL OZKAYA has become the FIRST Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant in AUSTRALIA and one of the very few in the world..

The Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant (MCLC) certification recognizes MCTs who have frequent consultations with their customers. Their role is more that of a technology trainer—they diagnose current and desired business performance and design learning solutions to bridge the gap.

A candidate who earns the MCLC certification has a set of skills that align with the consultative selling cycle. During the application process, candidates must submit a case study that demonstrates their qualifications in four key competencies: assessment, design, development, and evaluation.

  • Assessment: The MCLC evaluates the customer’s overall learning requirements, business objectives, desired results, and constraints, and conducts a skills assessment to identify specific training needs.
  • Design: the MCLC designs a customized learning solution, which may be a blend of classroom courses, e-learning materials, and reference books.
  • Development: After the design has been accepted, the MCLC develops and implements a customized solution—a process that requires both technical and training expertise.
  • Evaluation: Throughout the project and upon completion, the MCLC works with the customer to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution and to calculate the return on investment (ROI).

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