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Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch Review

Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch Review

As an Apple watch user I am giving app on Apple , hoping to have a watch look like a watch . I was waiting for Apple Watch 7 and all what I get is bigger screen , sure no problem I can swich back to non Apple , but which one ?

Tag Heuer Connected

I tried , Tag is another apple, they sell old technology for premium price , as of today they released a new watch which is still based on QUALCOMM 3000 processer which is not just old but has announced that it will not be upgraded to Googles Wear 3 OS ! Then no thanks , you can read the full review right here . Once they upgrade to the latest technology I for sure will consider them

Garmin Marq

One more watch which does not justify the options. The watch that I like is the Aviator, but there is no way you can hide the Pilot options base on the review’s I read, so then its a no go for me ..

Samsung Watch 4

Its a very cheap looking smart watch … Sorry not my type, one more Apple approach ” their way or no way”.

Fossil Gen 6

Gen 6 is build based on the past 5 generation of their smart watches, which comes in multiple variety like Armani, Mount Black, Michael Kros , Dizel and more…

This Gen 6  includes a stainless steel body, a 1.28” full rounded AMOLED display, and your choice of two case sizes, three colors, and three band styles. The watch is equipped with Qualcomm’s 4100+ chip,  Bluetooth 5 for more stable connectivity, and with rapid charging which gets from Zero to Eight precent in just thirty minutes. It has also 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, and a battery which can achieve up to 24 hours of use on a single charge ( still testing) Finally, Gen 6 is jam has also accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, Sp02 pulse oximeter, which Tag Heuer does not have !

The Qualcomm chips means its ready to get an upgrade to Wear OS 3 , once Google is ready !!! ( Apparently in 2022)

Please keep in mind that the Fossil Gen 6 isn’t a fitness smartwatch, neither am I 🙂 , But you can certainly take it on runs and workout , the Cardiogram app periodically measures and charts heart rate, and there’s a blood oxygen-tracking tile if you swipe left on the home screen, as well as a workout tile that simply asks if you’re indoors or outdoors without specific exercise tracking. Taking the Gen 6 out for workouts is just fine . To learn more about Fossil Smart watches click here

Fossil Gen 6 in iPhone

Ok don’t expect the integration which you have in your Apple Watch ! Do have your Fossil work in your iPhone you need to download the Google Wear OS app from the Apple App Store, then if you want to track your health Google Fit, hold on this is not all, then if Google is not your main mail, and you want to sync your calendar you have to download Google Calendar last and hopefully least if yo want Google to assist you , then you need to download Google Assist !!! I did 🙂

Apple vs Google Wear OS 3

Apple is 3 generation ahead of Google. I am really very disappointed on how bad they are in Wear OS.  Apple is way ahead.  To be very honest my Apple Watch 4 is still better then Fossil. But keep in mind wearing the Apple watch with suits looks just odd, it does not fit, where Fossil does. ( and my only reason to switch )

Rating :

Overall : 3/5

Appearance : 4/5

Functionality : 2/5

Features : 2/5

Compared to Tag Heuer, you don’t pay premium price for an old technology (CPU – which gets you stuck at Googles Crap OS ups sorry Wear OS 2, I know I will see hopefully soon Wear OS 3 in my watch for 10% of the cost . Its your money your choice 🙂

Below is how Fossil is advertising their watch

Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch Review
Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch Review


Increased performance of +30%* with faster app loading, faster processor and lower power consumption.

*versus Gen 5


Improved connectivity with boosted data transfer rates and up to 4x range, which means faster downloads than previous generations.


Make and receive phone calls while connected to any smartphone.


80% in a little over 30 minutes.


With the new SpO2 sensor, get estimated blood oxygen measurements to see how well your body is circulating oxygen.


Continuous heart rate tracking with an improved sensor that works even better in more situations.


Built-in wellness app tracks activity so you can monitor progress, see calories burned and more.


Set sleep goals, view sleep stats and spot patterns to improve your snooze.


Customizable dials and stylish straps for every look.

Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch Review – Tag Heuer Connected Review

Tag Heuer Connected review
Tag Heuer Connected review